July 1, 2022—Acclaimed singer, songwriter and musician Lera Lynn’s new song, “What is This Body?,” is debuting today. Listen/share HERE.
Of the song, Lynn reflects:
“We all go through so many iterations of physical self, especially women. We grow, we mature, we thrive, we age, we wither and die. Through all of those changes we are made to examine our physical selves and reconcile what we once were with what we’re becoming. It’s a never-ending identity challenge. 
As a mother, my physical self-concept has been completely turned upside down and then righted again. That’s an otherworldly experience. And an identity crisis in itself. You sit and watch your body download a whole new operating system and transform into a temporary baby hotel. And then, magically, your body morphs back into itself again (almost). 
As a woman, I’ve felt the societal pressure to look a certain way as well as the societal emphasis on and preference for youth. I’ve felt the pressure from the entertainment industry to abstain from pregnancy. I’ve felt both totally alienated from my physical self and completely at home in my skin. The relationship is constantly changing because my body is constantly changing, and it takes constant mindfulness to tune out the noise and love my body. 
And I do love my body. It is a magical machine carrying me and my ideas through the world. I am so grateful for my health and strength and beauty. It is fleeting. And that is beautiful too. As society is evolving, we are questioning more and more the self-valuation though our physicality, as well as the definition of beauty. I think it’s changing and I’m glad. It’s coming just in time for me to get gloriously old and saggy. 
“What is This Body?” is the fourth track unveiled from Lynn’s anticipated new album, Something More Than Love,which will be released July 15 (pre-save/pre-order). Produced and largely performed by Lynn and her partner Todd Lombardo (Kacey Musgraves, Donovan Woods, Kathleen Edwards), Something More Than Love was written following the birth of Lynn and Lombardo’s first child during the early months of the pandemic. Across these eleven tracks, Lynn chronicles this newfound experience—processing her intimate self-reflections and transforming them into an album that highlights universal themes of renewal, interconnectedness, surrender and sacrifice. Ahead of the release, Lynn has shared three additional tracks: “I’m Your Kamikaze,” “Something More Than Love” and “Illusion.”
Reflecting on the record, Lynn shares, “A lot of people were making records during the pandemic, and all they had was time. But it was the opposite experience for us. We created this whole record while still in the fog of early parenthood, and we didn’t have the luxury of waiting for lightning to strike. We had to be focused and intentional,” and continues, “It doesn’t feel like a new direction to me. It just feels like a progression. My fans have come to expect a new experience with each new album. I think people are ready for this sound and this energy. I certainly am.”
In addition to Lynn (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano, synth bass) and Lombardo (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, bass, strings, slide guitar), Something More Than Love also features Ian Fitchuk (drums), Daniel Tashian (Wurlitzer), Robby Handley (bass), Bennett Dean Lewis (pedal steel), Viktor Krauss (bass), Nat Smith (cello, keys) and Avery Bright (violin).
Photo credit: Alysse Gafkjen
Something More Than Love is Lynn’s sixth studio album following 2018’s duets record, Plays Well With Others, and 2020’s On My Own, which Lynn wrote, sang, produced and recorded entirely by herself. Released to critical acclaim, Rolling Stone declared, “the most ambitious, daunting, and risky album of her career…it is the sound of someone having faith in their process,” while Relix praised, “The record feels like a creative leap forward for the brand of Nashvillian blues that she’s been honing” and PopMatters proclaims, “As a multi-instrumentalist, Lynn shines, but her vocal performance is the spellbinding element throughout these songs.”
Born in Houston and now based in Nashville, Lynn has amassed a passionate fanbase throughout the past decade. In addition to touring extensively internationally, Lynn also had a recurring role on season two of HBO’s acclaimed show True Detective.
1. Illusion
2. Black River
3. Conflict of Interest
4. What Is This Body?
5. Something More Than Love
6. In A Moment
7. I’m Your Kamikaze
8. Cog In The Machine
9. Golden Sun
10. You Are Not Your Own
11. Eye In The Sky






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