LORD OF THE LOST Reveals New Official Video for “Dead End”

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Just a few days after performing their last show of 2023 with Iron Maiden on the mainstage of the legendary Wacken Open Air, LORD OF THE LOST have released a new official video for “Dead End”. The song is taken from their #1 charting latest album, ‘Blood & Glitter’. After the shrill and colorful video for “Reset The Preset” a month ago, the band spontaneously shot a video in an underground club in London with English director Caitlin Strokes in between tour days of the Iron Maiden tour.

2023 is the most successful year in the band’s history so far for LORD OF THE LOST. After representing Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in May and supporting Iron Maiden on their European tour for the second time in 2 years, the first short break of the year is now upon them. Tickets for the upcoming headline shows as well as their own LORDFEST festival are partly sold out already.

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On the band’s eighth album, LORD OF THE LOST enter a new era of exciting 70s glam rock visuals, and add a blend of 80s new wave and pop influences as well as gothic and electronic elements to their own, relevant modern metal style, impressing both fans and critics.

‘Blood & Glitter’ 2CD Earbook Tracklist:

CD 1 – ‘Blood & Glitter’

1.Blood & Glitter

2.Leave Your Hate In The Comments

3.Absolute Attitude

4.The Future Of A Past Life (feat. Marcus Bischoff)

5.No Respect For Disrespect

6.Reset The Preset (feat. Andy LaPlegua)

7.Destruction Manual

8.Dead End

9.Leaving The Planet Earth

10.Forever Lost

11.Save Our Souls (feat. Ally Storch)

12.One Last Song

13.The Look (Roxette Cover)

Bonus CD – ‘More Blood & More Glitter’

1.The Curtain Falls

2.Blood & Glitter (Extended Version feat. Jennifer Batten/Guitarist Michael Jackson)

3.We Are Immortal (feat. Tribune)

4.The Sound Of Violence (feat. Aesthetic Perfection)

5.I Of The Storm (feat. Adrienne Cowan)

6.See Me Fall (feat. FLYKS)


8.Not My Enemy

9.Destruction Manual (Family Friendly Version)

10.Schwarz Tot Gold (feat. SWISS & Die Andern)

11.One Last Song (Piano Demo – Live at Chameleon Studios)

12.Blood & Glitter (Piano Version – Live at Sonic Pump Studios)

13.Not My Enemy (Piano Version – Live at Sonic Pump Studios)

14.Leaving The Planet Earth (Piano Version – Live at Sonic Pump Studios)

15.Blood & Glitter (Extended Action Movie Version)

‘Blood & Glitter’ is available in the following formats:

=> 2LP Gatefold Recycled Color Vinyl

=> 2CD Earbook – limited to 1500 copies worldwide – only a few copies left!

=> Deluxe Box DVD (incl. bag, Pendant) Napalm Records Shop exclusive SOLD OUT!

=> 1CD Digisleeve

=> 2CD Mediabook

=> Digital Album


After a full year of touring, including a support tour for Iron Maiden, a headline tour, an acoustic tour, several festival appearances and the band’s own Lordfest, LORD OF THE LOST were once again invited by the legendary Iron Maiden to be direct support on their European tour in 2023, beyond major festival and club appearances, both as headliners and as support to bands such as Powerwolf and Amon Amarth.



23.09.23 UK – London

24.09.23 UK – Bristol SOLD OUT

26.09.23 UK – Southampton

27.09.23 UK – Nottingham SOLD OUT

28.09.23 UK – Wolverhampton

29.09.23 UK – Manchester SOLD OUT

30.09.23 UK – Glasgow SOLD OUT

06.10.23 AM – Yerevan

07.10.23 GA – Tiflis

11.10.23 FR – Lille

12.10.23 FR – Savigny-le-Temple

13.10.23 FR – La Roche-sur-Yon

01.11.23 NL – Tilburg

04.11.23 BE – Ittre

13.12.23 FI – Helsinki

14.12.23 FI – Jyväskylä

15.12.23 FI – Tampere

Special Guest for POWERWOLF:

31.10.23 DE – Düsseldorf

02.11.23 DE – Ravensburg

03.11.23 DE – Bamberg


14.10.23 DE – Cologne / Unter Schwarzer Flagge

17.+18.11.23 DE – Leipzig / Gothic Meets Classic

29.01.-02.02.24 US – Miami / 70000tons of Metal


09.12.23 DE – Hamburg

15 Years Of LORD OF THE LOST Tour 2024:

22.03.24 DE – Nuremberg

23.03.24 DE – Munich

24.03.24 IT – Trezzo sull’Adda

26.03.24 CH – Pratteln

27.03.24 FR – Grenoble

29.03.24 ES – Barcelona

30.03.24 ES – Madrid

02.04.24 FR – Paris (FR)

03.04.24 LU – Luxembourg

04.04.24 DE – Frankfurt

05.04.24 DE – Cologne

06.04.24 NL – Amsterdam

17.04.24 CZ – Prague

18.04.24 HU – Budapest

19.04.24 AT – Vienna

20.04.24 DE – Stuttgart

24.04.24 DE – Berlin

25.04.24 PL – Warsaw

26.04.24 PL – Krakow

27.04.24 DE – Leipzig


10.05.24 SE – Malmö

…more dates TBA

Tickets available HERE


Chris Harms – Vocals, Guitar

Pi Stoffers – Guitar

Class Grenayde – Bass

Gared Dirge – Piano, Synths, Percussion, Guitar

Niklas Kahl – Drums

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