Mistress Mia Darque Guests on And Now We Drink with Matt Slayer

Professional Dominatrix and content creator Mistress Mia Darque was welcomed as a guest on And Now We Drink with Matt Slayer.


“I’m going to make you blush before I leave this table,” boasted Darque as she alternated slinging shots of tequila and hot sauce, talking about her experiences at adult conventions like the AVN Show, Xbiz, and the BDSM scene.

Hosted by Matt Slayer, And Now We Drink specializes in tawdry secrets, white lies, and gallons of humor. Slayer and his guests talk sex, confront violence, gush over music, love art, won’t sugarcoat reality and embrace the taboo.

“I’ve been led to believe, you did start in the submissive world. What led you to transition into being a dominant?” asked Slayer.

“Cuz I sucked at being a sub!” sassed Darque. “I was really good at taking physical abuse. That’s why people were cool with it. But that isn’t what made me. I wanted to be the person on the other side. Someone gave me the chance… ‘She’s serving her purpose, and the purpose I want her here for, in the capacity I want her here for.’ That shit jazzed me right the fuck up. Then, I realized, I like it. I like it a lot. Women in society rarely get the option to be themselves.”

Mistress Mia Darque has been active in the BDSM society for over 20 years, getting kinky at some of the hottest international fetish clubs, along with doing sessions at her favorite dungeons like Sanctuary Studios LAX. Darque is also a BDSM educator and serves on the board of DomCon where she is active working with their events in Los Angeles and New Orleans.

“I love what I do and I was doing it before I turned it into a profession,” explained Darque “And all the more reason I love it. The older I get and the more I see out of my community and the people that are in it, how we change and evolve… It makes me happy!”

The interview was not limited to BDSM. Darque and Slayer gabbed about superheroes, gaming, Archie comics, geek culture, a crush on Leela from Futurama, and Funko Pop addiction.

“I once had a session with a gentleman who called me on Niteflirt,” recalls Darque. “He wants a Black Panther role-play on the phone, and he was using that phone call to stack me up to see if I could do it… He came to Sanctuary, while I was there touring as one of their guest Mistresses… He wanted this very elaborate, over the top… you had to know the history and the lore, you had to know about Storm being the queen before we got the movies… You had to know about everybody inside the universe… We dressed him up, made him real pretty… He was the happiest princess of the land!”
Episode 292 of “And Now We Drink” can be found at the program’s official website, andnowwedrink.com, or on YouTube.com, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Mistress Mia Darque can be found at https://JustSayRed.com. She will be at DomCon Los Angeles 2023, May 17-21 and will be guest Domming at Sanctuary Studios LAX until LA Pride in June of 2023.




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