Opens Prenoms for 2023 Bazowie! Awards is pleased to announce the opening of prenominations for the Bazowie Awards, presented by Zinetastic, honoring excellence in cosplay and other fandom pursuits for grown-ups. If you love science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, comics, superheroes, anime, RPGs and other tabletop games, and the future of technology, this is the awards show for you. The Awards ceremony will be livestreamed March 4.

Interested fans, friends, and industry are invited to use the forms to nominate your favorites.

You can take a peek at last year’s winners and nominees and watch the on-demand rebroadcast of last year’s Bazowie! Awards show, also presented by Zinetastic. You can also check out the winners circle issue of Bazowie! Magazine, presented by MyFreeCams.

Interested sponsors and press are invited to get in touch.

The Awards ceremony will be livestreamed March 4.

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